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Based in Harford County, we serve residents in the Pennsylvania region as well as surrounding areas in MD.

Maintaining concrete floors is relatively easy. Our Premier Diamond Floor Finish is very maintenance-friendly. No longer do you need harsh detergents, acrylic sealers or waxes, treated sweeping compounds, hours of scrubbing, or dusting of the polished floor’s surface. All that is necessary to maintain the shine and seal on your¬†polished concrete floor is damp mopping, sweeping, and periodic auto scrubbing. Proper concrete maintenance is critical to a polished concrete floor. Good concrete cleaning will ensure the longevity of the polished concrete floor and will help to maintain the polish for years to come.

We will recommend professional cleaning supplies based on the finish you have. These products are neutral pH, non-rinsing cleaners specifically formulated to enhance your polished concrete floor, as it renews the finish every time it is used. It is simply added to the water and applied with a damp mop or automatic scrubber.

We also recommend the eco-friendly Diamond Cleaning System.

Avoid all acidic cleaners.
Acidic cleaners may etch your polished concrete floor’s surface over time and cause a dulling of the finish. No aggressive scrubbing brushes. Stratogrit, nylogrit and other aggressive scrubbing brushes may alter the floor’s polish pattern and leave a dull appearance. Avoid all contact with acid. Also avoid any detergents containing Hydroxides or Sulfates.

At the completion of the floor project, concrete cleaning and maintenance instructions will be forwarded to you. We offer a concrete floor maintenance program customized for your specific needs.

For additional inquiries regarding concrete maintenance, please feel free to call us at  443-977-0155.

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We serve the home flooring and residential concrete needs of Pennsylvania residents of Philadelphia County including Allen Lane, Byberry, Chestnut Hill, Elmwood, Fox Chase, Germantown, Kensington, Philadelphia, Richmond, Somerton, Tacony, Wister and surrounding regions.